When – during the course of your day –
do you feel that all things are equal:
the struggles and the achievements,
the losses and the wins?

When you are reaching out in opposing directions
with equal desire –
what are you reaching toward?
And how do you keep yourself together?

When you rest with your chest,
and your forehead against the earth,
what secret frustrations do you let go of?
How do you let go?

When you gather yourself again –
when you contract your energy
where does it go?

Does it have a color?
A shape?
Does it have a music?

(Ashwa Sanchalanāsana)

If you are the beast and the rider – describe both:

What is your beast shape and smell?
What tracks do you leave behind?
Where does it want you to go and why?

How balanced is your rider and
which muscles are strong and lean?
Which are quick and thick?
Where do you want to go and why?

Who has the upper hand when?
Which is more graceful?
Which is more cunning?

What does it feel like when you work together as one?
Where do you go? Which landscapes are yours?