Choose one person whom you are very attached to.
Describe the reasons for your attachment.

Imagine folding these beautiful aspects over and over into a book.
What is the cover of the book made of?

Does the book have a lock, like a diary?
Does it open easily and lie flat taking up a whole desk?
Or is it delicate and so tiny you can you slip it in your pocket?

What are the pages made of?
Are they tissue-thin and fragile?
Are they heavy vellum sheets?
What is written/drawn on the pages?
Can anyone else read what is written there?

How do you keep it safe? What magic spells do you use?
Incantations? Rituals? Is it hidden or on display?

Where do you keep the book? How do you leave it
and go about your day without worrying about its destruction?
What does your vigilance cost you?

When you die what will happen to the book?
What of the book’s content will be lost in part, in its entirety?

Where will all the emotions go? The fond attachments?
The fears? Will this be a part of your own legacy?
If so, who will it serve and how?

(Ahimsa and also the First of the 5 Buddhist Precepts)

When was the last time you felt an urge to do harm?
Was it to yourself or to someone else?
Was it to an inanimate object?
Did you want to throw your laptop across the room?

Describe the scene you imagined? Was it colorful? In shadow?
Like a cartoon? Like an artsy noir film?

How did you/could you rewrite the scene to diffuse the desire to express yourself with violence? Could it be comic? Describe it. Write it as a short play.

When was the last time you were confronted with violence?
How did you remove yourself from the situation?
How did you let go of the tight violent urge it brought up in you as a form of defence?

What does your inner defender look like? How do they get the job done?
How do they sooth you when it’s over?