How have you grown?
In the shadows of others?
Alone in a field of green?

What nourishment do you pull from your roots?
What unseen, underground attachments do you have?

When the weather comes
what does it do to you?

When the seasons change
how to do they change you?

Whose initials are carved into your being?
Did you weep? And if so –
were your tears sweet as a maple’s?


When was the last time your perspective was flipped
on its head?

How did you keep your balance?

When you find yourself tipping backward, 
what pulls you forward?
When tipping forward, what pulls you back?

How do you keep your head lifted
when the pull of the full world is bringing
your shoulders toward your ears? is pressing
your gut against your heart? is taxing
your brain?

How do you translate your vision 
into navigational instructions? 
How do you find your body in the tumbling 
of every day?

How do you remember to keep breathing?