January 24th, 2021: Eagle Pose

(Garudasana) If you had an overview of the world right nowif you could reflect the rays of the sun, what would you shine a light on?and Why? What would demons would you see? How would you deal with them?What would you learn? Would you flush goodness from the darkness, too?How would you deal with it?Continue reading “January 24th, 2021: Eagle Pose”

WP December 13th, 2020: Pranayama

Breath When was the last time someone took your breath away? What did it cost you in the end? When was the last time the natural world took your breath away? When you caught up with it, what did you gain? What color is the breath you inhale at this moment? How does it changeContinue reading “WP December 13th, 2020: Pranayama”

WP November 29th, 2020: Equanimity

Coffee or Tea?City Mouse or Country Mouse?Autumn or Spring?On what do you base your preferences?On which preferences do you base your identity? Fold up all your favorites, pack them into a steamer trunk, and send it overseas. A slow boat… to where? Write each of them a letter of longing: a love letter. A letterContinue reading “WP November 29th, 2020: Equanimity”