February 14th, 2021: Tree Pose

(Vrikshasana) How have you grown? In the shadows of others? Alone in a field of green? What nourishment do you pull from your roots?What unseen, underground attachments do you have? When the weather comeswhat does it do to you? When the seasons change how to do they change you? Whose initials are carved into yourContinue reading “February 14th, 2021: Tree Pose”

December 27th, 2020: Corpse Pose (Death/Rebirth)

(Savasana) “Now I lay me down to sleep […]”If you should die before you wake, what would you name your greatest lesson-learned?What form would it take: animal, vegetable, mineral? Where will you have left it?Did you shove it in the back of your sock drawer?Lock it in the shed in the backyard?Arrange it in aContinue reading “December 27th, 2020: Corpse Pose (Death/Rebirth)”

WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus

(padmasana) Quick – What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? How did you skin smell after it happened?What kind of scar did it leave in the terrain?What grew in the spot where it touched down? Quick – What is your dirtiest secret? Where and when did you plant it?How does itContinue reading “WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus”