WP November 15th, 2020: Worry & Restlessness

(uddhacca-kukkucca) When you hold your worries, how do they feel between your hands?Do they slip easily from between your fingers, and slither on the floor ahead of you?Or do they nip and bite? Can you feel their breath on your body? Or do you wear them like a limp, but conspicuous fox stole? What wordsContinue reading “WP November 15th, 2020: Worry & Restlessness”

WP November 8, 2020: Scale Pose

(Tulasana) How do you push yourself up when you need it?How do you move in two directions at once, while holding your ground? How do you balance the weight of your needs? The weight of the needsof others? What balances the scales with grief on the one hand? How do you tip the weight ofContinue reading “WP November 8, 2020: Scale Pose”

WP November 1st, 2020: Compass Pose

(Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana) Look where you’re going.How many directions are you moving in at once? What are you leaving behind? Describe your spine as it moves – Does it give in the winds like a sapling? Or does it resist and resent accommodating external forces – oraccommodating your own limbs? How do you get inContinue reading “WP November 1st, 2020: Compass Pose”