How do you push yourself up when you need it?
How do you move in two directions at once, while holding your ground?

How do you balance the weight of your needs? The weight of the needs
of others?

What balances the scales with grief on the one hand?
How do you tip the weight of nothingness? of the world’s hungers?
The joys?

How long of a tally do you keep?

When do you agree to wipe the slate clean and begin again
with lightness?

What balances the scales with love?

When everything settles, where will you find the center?

(Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana)

Look where you’re going.
How many directions are you moving in
at once?

What are you leaving behind?

Describe your spine as it moves –

Does it give in the winds like a sapling?
Or does it resist and resent accommodating
external forces – or
accommodating your own limbs?

How do you get in your own way?

What do your arms reach for?
Where are your legs determined to take you?

How does your skin sense the changing
light/darkness, heat/cold?
Where does your mind roam
as the earth roams
its path around the sun?

Where does your mind roam
on the way home?