WP August 30th, 2020: Gain and Loss

What have you lost? Did you notice the loss right away – or did an awareness surface slowly? Maybe the true shape of the loss is just nowcoming into focus. Where does this shape reside in your body? Are the edges of the hollowed spaceSoft? Damp? Slick? Ragged? What kind of song fills the spaceContinue reading “WP August 30th, 2020: Gain and Loss”

WP August 9th, 2020: Heart-Opener

What is your heart made of? Where does it roam? What does it allow in? What is its weakness? Who or what cracked it open? What did it smell like then? Did it make a sound? When it stops beating what creatures will emerge from it? And what will they do in the world?

WP August 3, 2020: Boat Pose

Writing Prompt: (Paripurna Navasana) What is your boat made of? Where did you find it? Have you altered it in any way since you discovered it? On what does it float/sail/glide? How do you know it is seaworthy? How does it feel under your feet? Under your hands? Under your buttocks? How does being inContinue reading “WP August 3, 2020: Boat Pose”