(Satya & The 4th of The Five Precepts)

Imagine yourself in Warrior 1:
Your chest high, your spine centered in your body –
is your body a truthful expression of your state-of-mind?
If not, can you move your state-of-mind to be truthful
in alignment with your body?

Was your most recent lie a lie of words, deeds, or posture?

Who were you lying to?
What color is your lie?
What animal sound does it make when it creeps
around the edges of your consciousness?
What does it smell like, and when do you notice its presence?

Why is this lie difficult to let go of?
What purpose does it serve?

If you could tease apart the lie and remove it
from the circumstances where it was formed,
what shape would it have?
How would you pick it up? Handle it?

How big would the hole be that it left behind?
What would happen to your picture of reality?
Who else might notice a difference?

What would you do with this lie?
Lock it in a vault? Throw it in the sea?
Digest it?

What was gained through the lie?
What can be regained despite it?


When was the last time your perspective was flipped
on its head?

How did you keep your balance?

When you find yourself tipping backward, 
what pulls you forward?
When tipping forward, what pulls you back?

How do you keep your head lifted
when the pull of the full world is bringing
your shoulders toward your ears? is pressing
your gut against your heart? is taxing
your brain?

How do you translate your vision 
into navigational instructions? 
How do you find your body in the tumbling 
of every day?

How do you remember to keep breathing?