February 7th, 2021: Headstand


When was the last time your perspective was flipped
on its head?

How did you keep your balance?

When you find yourself tipping backward, 
what pulls you forward?
When tipping forward, what pulls you back?

How do you keep your head lifted
when the pull of the full world is bringing
your shoulders toward your ears? is pressing
your gut against your heart? is taxing
your brain?

How do you translate your vision 
into navigational instructions? 
How do you find your body in the tumbling 
of every day?

How do you remember to keep breathing?

January 31, 2021: Cobra Pose


Where does the source of your power originate in your body?
And how does it lift you?

Who or what charms you?
And is this a good thing?

What goes through your mind
when you curl in on yourself in the dark?

What do you feel beneath you
when you move through the world?

What makes you so angry you could spit?

And what do you do once you’ve sunk your teeth into something?

What is the realm over which you reign?

Photo: Ren Powell

January 24th, 2021: Eagle Pose


If you had an overview of the world right now
if you could reflect the rays of the sun,
what would you shine a light on?
and Why?

What would demons would you see?
How would you deal with them?
What would you learn?

Would you flush goodness from the darkness, too?
How would you deal with it?
Would you try to keep it in the light?
Would it stay with you?

Why? or Why not?