WP September 13th, 2020: Saucha (cleanliness)

Would you banish the dust specks from a ray of sunlight?
Where would you send them?

What names do you give the creatures
that cling to your eyelashes?
Have you ever heard them sing
for you?
A lullaby?
A lament for your dead cells?

What goes and what stays in the ecosystem of your skin?
What do you do with the bathwater?

Where is there a space for spiders in your house?
In which corner do the dark spirits gather to dance?
What would the wind sing if they were all to leave?

On what patch of earth will you unpack your lunch?

How do you weigh the balance of a puppy’s kiss
and an impeccable soul?

WP September 6th, 2020: Bird of Paradise

Where do you spread your wings
and reveal all of your beauty?

Who cares?
Who benefits without knowing?
Whom might it frighten – and why?
Do you care?

What does shame taste like?
What is the smell of abandon?

Map your territory.

When do you settle on a small patch of earth –
alone and fertile?
What are the results of a season’s brooding?

Where do you extend yourself to your limits?
How do you know when you’ve reached them?

How do you keep your balance in this position?
What is the shape of the word that comes to mind?

WP August 30th, 2020: Gain and Loss

What have you lost?

Did you notice the loss right away –
or did an awareness surface slowly?

Maybe the true shape of the loss is just now
coming into focus.

Where does this shape reside in your body?
Are the edges of the hollowed space
Damp? Slick? Ragged?

What kind of song fills the space – who hears it?

What would happen
if you wore the scent of this loss on your skin?

Has someone else gained from your loss?

When you speak of your loss
which herbs and spices fill your mouth?
Who would you feed them to
and how?

What has this loss made room for?