February 14th, 2021: Tree Pose

(Vrikshasana) How have you grown? In the shadows of others? Alone in a field of green? What nourishment do you pull from your roots?What unseen, underground attachments do you have? When the weather comeswhat does it do to you? When the seasons change how to do they change you? Whose initials are carved into yourContinue reading “February 14th, 2021: Tree Pose”

February 7th, 2021: Headstand

(Sirsasana) When was the last time your perspective was flippedon its head? How did you keep your balance? When you find yourself tipping backward, what pulls you forward?When tipping forward, what pulls you back? How do you keep your head liftedwhen the pull of the full world is bringingyour shoulders toward your ears? is pressingyour gutContinue reading “February 7th, 2021: Headstand”

January 31, 2021: Cobra Pose

(Bhujangasana) Where does the source of your power originate in your body?And how does it lift you? Who or what charms you? And is this a good thing? What goes through your mind when you curl in on yourself in the dark? What do you feel beneath you when you move through the world? WhatContinue reading “January 31, 2021: Cobra Pose”