(Ashwa Sanchalanāsana)

If you are the beast and the rider – describe both:

What is your beast shape and smell?
What tracks do you leave behind?
Where does it want you to go and why?

How balanced is your rider and
which muscles are strong and lean?
Which are quick and thick?
Where do you want to go and why?

Who has the upper hand when?
Which is more graceful?
Which is more cunning?

What does it feel like when you work together as one?
Where do you go? Which landscapes are yours?

(Adho Mukha Svanasana)

When you stretch your body in all directions at once:
your skull, your pelvis, heel bones, and wrists –
where is your center?

And what kind of creature lives there?
Does it have a voice? Does it sigh when you let
your shoulder blades spread wide? Or
does it begin a frantic dance?

If each limb pressing into the ground is a melody
what does the whole choir sound like?
Are there lyrics?

When your body holds a simple pose
past the point of restlessness
where does joy first arise?

How does it make itself known?