WP September 6th, 2020: Bird of Paradise

Where do you spread your wingsand reveal all of your beauty? Who cares? Who benefits without knowing?Whom might it frighten – and why?Do you care? What does shame taste like?What is the smell of abandon? Map your territory. When do you settle on a small patch of earth –alone and fertile? What are the resultsContinue reading “WP September 6th, 2020: Bird of Paradise”

WP August 23rd, 2020: Asteya (non-stealing)

What did you steal? Was it bigger than a breadbox, louder than a heartbeat, sharper than booze?From whom did you steal it? Where did they look for it when they discovered it was missing? Did you put in on display, or did you swallow it whole? What does it smell like in your home, onContinue reading “WP August 23rd, 2020: Asteya (non-stealing)”