WP October 18th, 2020: Awareness of the Body

Consider the generational knowlege of the cells of your body. When this impermanent constellation falls apart, where will each bit of your mind find a new residence? Consider your left palm: What has it held, what has it lost? Where will this wisdom create a new home? Consider the curve of your right breast:What sensationsContinue reading “WP October 18th, 2020: Awareness of the Body”

WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus

(padmasana) Quick – What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? How did you skin smell after it happened?What kind of scar did it leave in the terrain?What grew in the spot where it touched down? Quick – What is your dirtiest secret? Where and when did you plant it?How does itContinue reading “WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus”

WP October 4th, 2020: Non-possessiveness (aparigraha)

How do you take care of what passes through your life? And where to you keep your cages?What are the bars made of? And what is the shape of the key –and where to you keep it? Where is your hidden vault? Andwho knows that you even have one? What sounds come from your captivesContinue reading “WP October 4th, 2020: Non-possessiveness (aparigraha)”

WP September 27th, 2020: Refraining from Harsh Speech

What is the shape of your hurt and the sound of the breath that moves through it? Where in your body does it vibrate? Sing? Pulse with its own heartbeat? Is it restrained and leakedwith a weak, fricative braking – oris there a silent, momentary collision of wills before the explosion? How do you sendContinue reading “WP September 27th, 2020: Refraining from Harsh Speech”

WP September 20th, 2020: Forward Fold

(Uttanasana) What in your life has folded back on itself? How did you first recognize your past come again? Which door has been flung open? What was the weather on the other side of the threshold?Did you pass through? Which “other shoe” has dropped? Who dropped itand where did it land?Will you – can youContinue reading “WP September 20th, 2020: Forward Fold”