March 28th, 2021: Upward Dog Pose

(Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) When you feel alone, who do you call?and what does your call sound like? Do you whisper or howl? In what language? How does your body feelwhen you let the call go… How does your chest feelwhen you open your heart (does it make a sound)? How does your back feelwhen youContinue reading “March 28th, 2021: Upward Dog Pose”

February 28th, 2021: Mountain Pose

(Tadasana) What can you see from the vantage point of your full height? Do you stand alone and expand like a mesa, stretchingopen in all directions? OrAre you a single peak in a chain of mountains?A sentinel for your community? What is our origin story?Were you molded from the fiery earth?Did you come into beingContinue reading “February 28th, 2021: Mountain Pose”