What in your life has folded back on itself?
How did you first recognize your past come again?

Which door has been flung open?
What was the weather on the other side of the threshold?
Did you pass through?

Which “other shoe” has dropped? Who dropped it
and where did it land?
Will you – can you – wear it again?

How did you give in to the pull
and keep on your feet?

What unexpected pleasure did you find in this tension?

And what of your crown?

Where do you spread your wings
and reveal all of your beauty?

Who cares?
Who benefits without knowing?
Whom might it frighten – and why?
Do you care?

What does shame taste like?
What is the smell of abandon?

Map your territory.

When do you settle on a small patch of earth –
alone and fertile?
What are the results of a season’s brooding?

Where do you extend yourself to your limits?
How do you know when you’ve reached them?

How do you keep your balance in this position?
What is the shape of the word that comes to mind?