About the Poet

I call myself yogini-ish because I will never stop questioning authorities.
I will always allow myself to be inspired, but I will never fall in line.
I call myself a runner, though I run slowly.

I am no one’s guru.
I’m a writer.

Ren (Katherine) Powell, Ph.D. is a poet, playwright, translator, theater-maker and teaching artist/mentor. She is a native Californian – now a Norwegian citizen settled on the west coast of Norway.

Ren has been a member of The Norwegian Author’s Union since 2005, and has published six full-length collections of poetry, and more than two dozen books of translations with traditional publishing houses. Her sixth collection The Elephants Have Been Singing All Along was published in 2017.

Her poetry collections have been purchased by the Norwegian Arts Council for national library distribution, and her poems have been translated and published in eight languages in chapbooks and anthologies.

For more information see her website at renpowell.com