A Meditative Approach to Your Creative Writing

A Creative Approach to Your Meditation Practice

Ren Powell

About the Writing Prompts:

This project is an invitation to create your own (secular) ethical mindfulness practice.

Each prompt consists mainly of a series of questions for creative contemplation – and/or for a free writing session with an ethical perspective  that will help you create material that you can shape however you like: a poem, a bit of memoir, a piece of prose. 

I hope that these weekly prompts will encourage you to create your own creative and personal alternatives (or supplements) to traditional seated meditation, or therapeutic writing practice.

Why “Nothing But Metta4”?

In the Pali language, Metta means loving-kindness or compassion. Bhavana means the practice of cultivating something. Buddhism’s Metta Bhavana is a form of meditation focused on the development of unconditional love for all beings. The practice has been adopted by the West as what is commonly called Loving-Kindness Meditation.

The historical Buddha’s understanding of the world was that everything we think we know is an illusion. And, in my mind, this means that everything we think we know is a metaphor for everything that is.

The weekly writing and meditation prompts are inspired by the 8 limbs of yoga practice, the “middle way” of the historical Buddha, Western concepts of “mindfulness”, and loving-kindness meditation.

The Handbound Gift Books

The handbound books include nature photos, writing prompts -as well as blank pages for your own thoughts. Each book is printed in a limited series, hand-bound with Coptic Stitching so that they lie flat for writing, and featuring original artwork. Each hand-bound book is one-of-a-kind. But the books are also available as inexpensive paperbacks.

They are beautiful gifts for writers, aspiring writers, and yoga practitioners.

More information about the gift books.

“I believe that reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found.”

-Kurt Vonnegut Jr.