Is there a magic moment that makes you grow taller?
– a word, a sound, a smell that opens your heart?

Is there a name that roots you to the earth
and stretches you to the sky?
– that widens your perspective and hollows your embrace
just enough to make room for the generosity of your spirit?

What moves into that space?
What kind of music do you make together?
Do new names come? Words?

What creatures are born in this space?

And where do they go from here?

(Parsva Savasana)

What happens when you enter a new morning
from a small rift in the universe?

What sounds do you hear that you’ve never really
heard before?

What does the light touch? And where does it touch you?
How does the world respond? How do you respond?

Away from clocks and old habits, how do you identify
– your hunger?
– your need for rest?

How do you satisfy your restlessness in this place?
How do you motivate yourself to push through
when night slides over you like a blanket?

photo: Ren Powell