Tiger Pose


Who is afraid of you, and why?
Should they be?

When and how have you been misunderstood?

Who is in your tribe?
And who does the lion’s share of what kind of work?

What does it feel like to lie waiting for your chance to pounce?
How does the energy move through – or pulse – in your body then?
And how is it released?

How do you blend into your environment?
How do you watch while hidden?

What is your most tempting prey?
Describe how you stalk it.

When do you feel safe enough to roll onto your back
and expose your vulnerabilities?

What makes you purr?
And is anyone around to hear it?


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  1. Welcome, Rob! And thank you for this. I just consolidated – or “fake” consolidated my three websites this morning. It makes more sense for so many reasons. Keeps me more focused as well. I am glad you write because I enjoy reading.


  2. This is a beautiful site Ren. Did not know of it. It should be buzzing with poets/writers. “What makes me purr” are several: describing the being in or moving through fascinating natural environments — or being in or moving through challenging metaphysical/ethical states such as love/fear/isms — and thirdly, science fiction/fantasy. I seem to embrace motion toward destination or result. In that same way, I also get consumed creating my Serenity Totems & Talisman. Hell Ren, I just like to write & create. Don’t have much patience for the real world, nor for real asshats! Be well my friend…

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