Where do you take your child-self to have a heart-to-heart?
Describe the air in the room, the breeze in the space –
Describe the surface on which you both sit –

Are you face to face? Or do you take them in your arms, on your lap-
or up onto your back, while you dance around the place?

What do they fear?
What do they dream when they press their cool forehead to the pillow?

When your eyes are closed and they think you are sleeping
what secrets do they whisper in your ear?

Which ones have you forgotten?

(1 of 6 Wholesome and Unwholesome Roots of the Mind)

What color is your rage?

What is the texture of your hate?
Oil or tar? Bur or thorn?
And what animal form might it take?

Describe the aftermath of your wildest revenge fantasy?
How might compassion creep onto the scene?

What is the texture of your compassion?
And what animal form might it take?

Put your animal selves in a room.
Or let them meet in a gorge, or on an iceberg…
What do their bodies smell like? How do they breathe?

What happens?