WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus


Quick – What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you?

How did you skin smell after it happened?
What kind of scar did it leave in the terrain?
What grew in the spot where it touched down?

Quick – What is your dirtiest secret?

Where and when did you plant it?
How does it taste (be honest!) on your tongue?
Who have you shared it with?

Quick – What is the most difficult path you’ve traveled (thus far)?

Did mud suck at your feet? Did seaweed wrap your ankles?
Did darkness send you into corners?
Draw a map of your journey: use crayons.

Draw a map of your journey: use herbs & spices.

Draw a map of your journey: use creepers & blossoms.

Published by Ren Powell

Writer and Teaching Artist.

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