WP October 24th, 2020: Fish Pose

(Matsyasana) Your spine curves as you move through the water: What does your skin sense of your surroundings?What does it know of your own heartbeat and blood? What does it know of the creatures passing nearby? How close to the surface do you dare to swim? How is your view of the beyond distorted byContinue reading “WP October 24th, 2020: Fish Pose”

WP October 18th, 2020: Awareness of the Body

Consider the generational knowlege of the cells of your body. When this impermanent constellation falls apart, where will each bit of your mind find a new residence? Consider your left palm: What has it held, what has it lost? Where will this wisdom create a new home? Consider the curve of your right breast:What sensationsContinue reading “WP October 18th, 2020: Awareness of the Body”

WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus

(padmasana) Quick – What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you? How did you skin smell after it happened?What kind of scar did it leave in the terrain?What grew in the spot where it touched down? Quick – What is your dirtiest secret? Where and when did you plant it?How does itContinue reading “WP October 11, 2020: The Lotus”