WP August 30th, 2020: Gain and Loss

What have you lost?

Did you notice the loss right away –
or did an awareness surface slowly?

Maybe the true shape of the loss is just now
coming into focus.

Where does this shape reside in your body?
Are the edges of the hollowed space
Damp? Slick? Ragged?

What kind of song fills the space – who hears it?

What would happen
if you wore the scent of this loss on your skin?

Has someone else gained from your loss?

When you speak of your loss
which herbs and spices fill your mouth?
Who would you feed them to
and how?

What has this loss made room for?

Published by Ren Powell

Writer and Teaching Artist.

3 thoughts on “WP August 30th, 2020: Gain and Loss

  1. I’m losing that shell of fear and loneliness. I’ve known this but never really absorbed it. “The difference between being alone and having loneliness. I brought on the loneliness, The isolation is teaching me about me and how accomplished I am and how important it is now to bring it out in others.

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  2. Where is home
    the place you were born
    a region a city a street
    when we move what is lost?
    and what pray tell is found?


    A feeling
    a mood
    a joining

    A place
    where what is – simply is

    your hand in mine
    feel like home?

    It might – given time…

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