What is your heart made of?
Where does it roam?
What does it allow in?
What is its weakness?

Who or what cracked it open?
What did it smell like then?
Did it make a sound?

When it stops beating what creatures will emerge from it?
And what will they do in the world?


  1. Where Does the Heart Live

    Look the wise say
    hearts are buried deep within
    but it’s not by turning inward
    that I find its steady beat

    I feel my heart’s thrum all ‘round
    when running in the forest dark
    or admiring the vistas
    on cliff above the sea

    The earth is where my heart lives
    No! – Tis the earth, the sea, the sky
    I know that when I fall asleep
    To the very stars does my heart fly

    I haven’t answered Ren’s question
    Of where my heart does abide
    But if you pause to listen
    You’ll hear it beat far and wide

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  2. Stunning and introspective challenge this week Ren! I shall mull ideas over – and let them cook in the creative oven until they grab my attention like a blaring kitchen timer and declare themselves done! Looking forward to sharing the feast here…

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