Boat Pose

Writing Prompt:
(Paripurna Navasana)

What is your boat made of?
Where did you find it?
Have you altered it in any way since you discovered it?

On what does it float/sail/glide?
How do you know it is seaworthy?
How does it feel under your feet? Under your hands? Under your buttocks?
How does being in your boat affect your stomach?
What does your boat smell like?
Are you alone in your boat?
How far has it taken you from the shore?

Where is your boat taking you?
Will you drop anchor or will you moor in a harbor?


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  1. The old wooden boat that once took singers and musicians to the isles is rotting beside a long-dished fisherman’s cottage in a tiny cove on the northern side of the sad grey cliff. I sit inside it and, ignoring the holes and the lack of floor, row out with no oars to the island in the clouds beyond Inishmore, where heroes dwelt in the days when Cuchulainn lay dozing high a hot tea made of Airgead Luachra. I close my eyes and I’m in a meadow of rocks. You have sailed to America. Joseph Dowling has been captured on Crab island.

    The boat tastes of seaweed, stones, rust and Ennistymon old lady’s pub Guinness.

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  2. First and foremost – this project is so you, the intersection of many life experiences has led you here. I am thrilled for you personally, and for us your readers as well.

    Now – onto your very thoughtful first EVER prompt here! The boat prompt led me to write this…


    solid land behind
    scrape of a boot
    on aluminum skin
    I realize it’s a canoe
    I choose to be in

    seen the aurora
    nor paddled at night
    ignoring the hollow inside
    my imagination takes flight

    Gliding alone o’er dark waters


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  3. Thank you for the comments! I have been putting my work out in the world for a long time now – but yes, every time feels risky and difficult, I agree wholeheartedly.


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