April 18th, 2021: Warrior 1 Pose

(Virabhadrasana I)

What do you stand for? What will you protect
and at what cost?

Who sees you as the enemy?
What do they want from you?
What will they accept to settle a truce?

From whom/where did you get your weapons?
Where do you keep them?

What do they look like? How are they maintained?
Might they be used for any peaceful purpose?

If you were to give them away, to whom would you give them?
How would you wrap them? How would they be delivered?
What would you write in the accompanying letter?

April 11th, 2021: Chair Pose

also called Lightning Bolt Pose

Where does the energy come from?
How does it enter your body?
And how does it leave?
What part of you does it take with it? And
where does it go?

In what way are you left changed?

How do you find the balance to rest
while holding yourself upright?
From where do you pull your strength?
From where does your resistance spring?

Does it try to stay hidden? Does it shout out in pain?
In defiance? Is it rooted in a love?

What grounds you in the moment?
What is your heart reaching towards?

April 4th, 2021: Downward Dog

(Adho Mukha Svanasana)

When you stretch your body in all directions at once:
your skull, your pelvis, heel bones, and wrists –
where is your center?

And what kind of creature lives there?
Does it have a voice? Does it sigh when you let
your shoulder blades spread wide? Or
does it begin a frantic dance?

If each limb pressing into the ground is a melody
what does the whole choir sound like?
Are there lyrics?

When your body holds a simple pose
past the point of restlessness
where does joy first arise?

How does it make itself known?